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Sassy Switches decorative light switch covers must be seen to be truly appreciated. Featured by Women's Day Specials and iVillage, Sassy Switches wall switch plates are offered in variety of decorative designs, styles and configurations, including decora, outlet, rocker, telephone, cable, and combination switch plates. A wealth of decorative light switch plate designs and choices includes sumptuous fine art reproductions, stylish and savvy contemporary and abstract art scenes, plus cozy cafes, whimsical animals and animal prints, dashing nautical, as well as landscapes, planets, stars, stripes, plaids, solids, patterns -- and hundreds more. There's truly something for everyone!

Abstract with Cattle
$14.95  $12.95
Still Life with Bottle and Glass
Fruit Bowl, Glass and Newspaper
Blue Horse
Crimson Toile
Wooden Blinds
Furniture generally exhibits clean, smooth lines. Cover it in a neutral, black, or bold fabric. Fabrics often have a natural look (wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute) and add textural appeal. Even wooden blinds add depth to a room and offer plenty of textural substance to decor.

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